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Vella Real Estate provides for the individual needs of our landlords.
By using our flexible accounting systems, we are able to pay directly into an account specified by you.
After disbursement, a statement is forwarded to you detailing all transactions, including payments made on your behalf.  The original copies of any invoices are attached to your statement.  In addition to these monthly statements, each July you will receive an Annual Financial Report, summarising your income and expenditure.

Tenant Criteria
Prospective tenants are required to complete a comprehensive application form.  Details are checked thoroughly.
Tenants are required to supply several references.  References are checked and suitability is verified.  Employers are contacted to establish a background to the applicant’s character and reliability.

When suitability has been established, we contact you to make our recommendation and to receive instructions.  

It is our recommendation that properties be offered with a twelve month lease.  However, the term of the lease is your choice.

Rental Payments
We always look after your interests in the tenant selection process.  By adhering to a firm policy of tenants meeting our stringent suitability criteria, rental arrears are minimised.
Even with a zero tolerance to rental arrears, occasionally a tenant may fall behind in rent.  If this should happen, the following procedure is instigated:

1. Four days overdue
An overdue notice is forwarded, reminding the tenant of their obligations and a reminder phone call is made.

2. Eight days overdue
Formal notification if forwarded, advising the tenant that if the arrears are not paid within five days, a Notice to Vacate will be issued.  A second reminder call is also made.

3. Fifteen days overdue
Notice to Vacate is issued and Notice to Remedy a Breach of the Lease is forwarded with a threat of eviction.  If the rent remains unpaid in seven days, then an application is made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal seeking a hearing to obtain an Eviction Order.  A third phone call is made explaining the process of vacating the premises.

Should the need arise, an appearance to be made with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal at a Court Hearing on your behalf.

Routine Inspections
At Vella Real Estate, we conduct thorough internal and external inspections every three months (you are welcome to attend any inspections by arrangement).  A written Inspection Report is forwarded to you after each inspection.
We view inspections as a preventative measure, to limit any future problems.

Repairs and Maintenance
Professional repairs and maintenance are necessary for good property management.  Requests from tenants for maintenance are recorded and the landlord is contacted for instructions.  Whilst we engage a number of trades people, we are happy to use specific trades people as requested by you.