Property Management Services

Property Management Service

Leasing with Vella

It is our pleasure to manage your property.  Our role is to protect your peace of mind.  We will always treat your property with the same care and diligence as our own. To maintain a professional Property Management Service, we understand that it is our duty to keep you, the landlord informed at all times and to assist you in the decision-making process.             


Service Information

 Vella Real Estate provides a complete highly personalised management service for your investment properties, which include:

  • Thorough screening of tenants
  • Detailed in-going and out-going inspection reports
  • Full property photographs
  • Regular quarterly inspections, with a written report sent to you
  • Repair and Maintenance service
  • Payment to creditors (Council, Water, Contractors, etc)
  • Detailed monthly statements
  • Invoicing Tenant
  • Full end of year financial reports
  • Rent Review and negotiating rent with tenant
  • Ensure legal requirements covered on all documentation
  • Up to date with the current legislation


Marketing With Vella

Vella Real Estate will tailor the Marketing Programme to best suit each and every property to ensure the property has the best exposure to secure the suitable tenant.


  • Real Estate Websites:                                                     

  • Feature Listings On Websites
  • Digital Marketing Including Social Media
  • Photography
  • Property Signage
  • Print Media
  • Letterbox Drop Property Flyers
  • Tenant Database, Mailouts and SMS Notifications
  • Private and Open Inspections

Tenant Selection

 Vella Real Estate goal is to get the best possible tenant for your property, our criteria for finding suitable tenants is strict and we take pride of it. All prospective tenants complete a comprehensive Tenancy Application Form and supply proof of identity. This information is processed and all employment and previous landlords’ references are qualified. Once appropriate applicants have been established, Vella Real Estate will contact you to discuss their suitability and finalise the tenancy.



Vella Real Estate will prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement in accordance with your instructions. Vella Real Estate will lodge the bond with Consumer Business Services Bond Office.


Landlord Protection Policy

Vella Real Estate recommend that our Landlords have Landlord Protection Insurance. This is a comprehensive cover and is tax deductable.

 Vella Real Estate partners with established Landlord Insurance companies such as Terri Sheer, AON Risk Insurance, EBM Rent Cover and Coverwise will assist landlord to sign up with any of their chosen insurer.

Listed below is an example of just some of the cover provided by the policies offered:

  • loss of rent,
  • malicious damage by tenant
  • unscheduled tenant departures
  • content insurance


Smoke Alarm

Under the Federal and South Australia State Legislation, all property is required to have properly fitted with the working smoke alarms which comply to the Australian Standard and the Building Code of Australia. It is the Landlord Duty of Care to ensure that the smoke alarms are working and regularly maintained and has not expired to ensure the safety of their tenants and property.

Vella Real Estate partner with Smoke Alarm Solutions and Detector Inspection in this respect. Their service covers ensuring the property complies to the Legislation, service annually or replace any faulty or expired smoke alarm for a small fee.



The property can be viewed either at an open inspection or by a private appointment in the company of the Property Manager. Vella Real Estate take pride with our pro-active in our search for the right tenant.



A thorough inspection is completed prior to a new tenant taking possession of the property. A written report is completed and records all relevant information including the condition and cleanliness of the property. Photographs, at no charge to you, are taken at this time and provide an excellent and indisputable record.



These inspections are conducted quarterly, with the first being carried out within 3-4 months of the new tenant taking possession.

Should these inspections highlight any areas of concern, written notice will be given to the tenant identifying the problem areas and requesting them to rectify them before a second inspection is conducted.

A written report will be forwarded to you following each quarterly inspection.



Accompanying our written acknowledgement of a tenant’s intention to vacate a property, is a copy of the final inspection guide. This guide has been prepared to assist tenants in preparing a property for the final inspection. This inspection is completed and compared with the original ingoing report and photographs.

The inspection is often done in the presence of the outgoing tenant, allowing them the time and the opportunity to remedy any problems noted before an application is made for the release of the Bond.



Extreme care is taken when selecting tenants for the properties under our management. By rejecting applicants who are unable to meet our strict criteria our rental delinquency rate is almost zero, however, even the best screening methods can sometimes fail. A tenant’s situation may change which could alter their ability to maintain payments.

 If rent is in arrears the following standard procedure is initiated:

 4 days overdue
An email is automatically sent to the tenant reminding them of their lease obligations.

 8 days overdue
A second email is sent directly to the tenant and a text message notice is sent reiterating their lease obligations.

 12 days overdue
A third email is sent directly to the tenant followed by a phone call to the tenant informing them of their obligation under the lease conditions and notice of termination will be sent if payment is not made within the time frame.

 16 days overdue
A termination notice is sent to the tenant requiring vacant possession within 7 days unless they remedy the rental arrears.

If the rental arrears are not remedied, an application is made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal to obtain an eviction for breach of lease conditions. We take pride that we have ZERO Tribunal Case for the past 12 months (July 2020).


Monthly Statements

Vella Real Estate will provide you with a detailed, easy to read statement, showing all income and expenditure. Landlord is given access to real-time information via our website.



Keeping your rental property in good order makes both rental income and investment sense. It is our recommendation that Landlords authorise us to attend to minor repairs and maintenance up to 1 week rent for emergency maintenance. This allows us to respond to maintenance issues quickly to ensure that your property value is maintained. Vella Real Estate will advise you either by telephone or mail, of actions taken. For any other maintenance, Vella Real Estate will always seek your prior approval unless advised otherwise.

Vella Real Estate have an excellent database of qualified tradespeople whom Vella Real Estate recommend and can use on your behalf. Their prices are very competitive and constantly looking for excellent contractors. Nevertheless, Vella Real Estate are happy to use any contractor of your choice, should you prefer to do so.