Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Preparing Your Property For Sale…

 “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”

Taking a little time to prepare your home for sale can help to create a memorable first impression and make a significant difference to the sale price.  Following are some tips on preparing your home for sale:

How does the front of your property look?
Make sure that the garden is weeded, lawns mowed and fresh mulch is laid.  Also ensure that your gutters and windows are clean.

Clean out and clean up!
Clean out all your cupboards and clear away any clutter.  The less clutter the better, as it creates a feeling of space and less confusion.

Clean houses are always appealing
Spring clean each room, including light fittings, walls and window treatments.

Natural light is best to showcase your property
Open up all curtains and blinds.  If more light is needed, make sure all light globes are working.

Kitchen and bathrooms
These are two of the most scrutinized rooms in a home, so make sure they are clean and inviting. 

Sheds and outdoor entertaining
These areas are an extension of your home, so they need to be clean and free of cobwebs, leaves and dirt.

General ambience is very important
Pets should be gone or outdoors.  Play soft music, place fresh flowers throughout and bowls of fruit in the kitchen/dining room, light a crackling fire in cold weather.  Be aware of any unpleasant odours by burning scented candles or thoroughly airing your home before each inspection.  Leave lights on and open the doors to all rooms for a spacious feeling.

Have I presented my home in the best possible way to attract the best possible price?                                                                                                                                                              
Now is the time to stand back and look at the overall picture.  It’s also your last chance to make that “first impression”.

At Vella Real Estate we are proud to be able to offer our clients the service of our Home Presenter. There is also the option of furniture hire.

The Sale Process
Once an offer is made on your property that you are prepared to accept (including terms and conditions) you will be required to sign a contract.

Once the contract is signed it becomes legally binding and a Form 1 document is required to be drawn up and served. This document reveals to the purchaser all relevant charges, encumbrances and registered easements affecting the property. Upon serving of the Form 1 documentation the 'cooling off' period of two working days will commence. During this time the purchaser may 'cool off' from the contract in writing without any legal consequences. (NB: The 'cooling off' period does not apply to properties sold at Auction.)

When 'cooling off' is completed the deposit for your home is payable. This deposit is paid by the Purchaser to the Agent who will hold it in Trust until the day of settlement.

If the offer is 'subject to finance' the Agent will follow up the purchasers to obtain formal approval from the bank prior to the date set out in your contract schedule.

You will also need to engage the services of a Conveyancer (your agent can recommend some options to you).

A conveyancer has a number of functions, some of which are listed below:

  • Check the contract documentation
  • Prepare all transfer documentation
  • Liase with all parties involved
  • Ensure that all rates/taxes that are a charge on the land are fully paid out at settlement
  • Arrange and attend settlement and do everything necessary to ensure that the terms of a contract are carried into effect

A conveyancer will advise the agent once settlement is completed - at which time you will receive funds for the transaction.

It is a requirement that you are out of the property on the day of settlement and that you have left the property in neat, tidy and clean condition. Keys are then to be provided to the agent who will forward them to the purchaser.